What is our goal?

We want to make live of active, disabled persons easier and more enjoyable by:

Connecting designers with end users.

Testing ideas from fashion, technology, lifestyle fields, targeted towards handicapped.


What we do?

We organize meetings, photo sessions, lectures on practical implementation of ergonomy in design.

We as a group of fashion designers, creative people, models on wheelchair work on project to be shown on 2021 BERLIN FASHION WEEK.

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Who we are?

For 12 years rückenwind e. V. cares for people with severe physical multiple disabilities, mentally handicapped, and people with autism in East Westphalia / Lippe and now also in Berlin.

In the field of school support / integration helpers we have grown strongly in recent years, we are represented at 70 schools in OWL.

In assisted living facilities, we work for MS patients and patients with other underlying neurological diseases who are cared for “around the clock” 24/7 in their own apartments or in our 2 to 4-room communities in Bielefeld as part of basic care or leisure time care.

We offer our clients the possibility of individual life planning, and support tailored to their needs.

Currently 150 employees work in the association and 50 in the GmbH.